GVI is a Georgian corporation positioned to take advantage of the country’s liberal economy, ease of doing business, an educated workforce, a very efficient public service, low entry price for most investments, absence of any foreign exchange controls and zero restrictions on the movement of funds, in and out of Georgia.

GVI is a well networked company with core competencies in a range of business activities, has its own investments in land and tourism based projects and acts as a gateway to credible investors targeting medium scale projects in agriculture and agro industry, tourism and hospitality, real estate, services and in trading.

GVI offers the opportunity for anyone interested in investing or working with GVI to make direct enquiries regarding projects and invesments and enter into a dialogue with the company executives, without any pre-conditions or commitments from either party. GVI also does not charge any fees or costs to an investment dialogue.

GVI's philosophy is to act as a highly credible and strong bridge for investments in Georgia - raninging from as little as $100,000 to over a $million.