GVI is currently developing a land bank of both agricultural and commercial lands in Georgia for overseas investors, in collaboration with the Government of Georgia. This is mainly to facilitate investors find suitable locations for their ventures, whether they are in agriculture and agro industry, real estate or other ventures. GVI undertakes to seek and obtain suitable lands from private owners at very reasonable prices and, with assistance from GVI’s corporate lawyers, complete all acquisition formalities in Georgia.

Main focus currently is on acquision of small parcels of commercial land in and around Tbilisi and other small cities as well as acquisition of larger plots of agricultural land with road, water and electrcity amenities. The land bank is supported by GVI's own project planning and project management services which will allow the investors to mainly rely on GVI's services in acquiring lands and developing either residential or commercial properties or invest and start up agriculture and agro industry operations.

There are a multitude of untapped resources and back-up system in Georgia which actively encourage and support development activities, without a trace of corruption. Often, investors are reluctant to enter this market on account of their lack of knowledge of the country, the systems, procedures, rules and regulations. GVI is a one-stop window for investors to enter Georgia without any stress and obtain quality service in all aspects of their land acquisition and projects/ventures development.