GVI develops and operates its own projects and ventures alone or in partnership with other stakeholders and provides project leads to interested investors across a number of industries. Currently, GVI is developing the single largest Saguramo Agro Tourism Park on a 35-hectare land in Saguramo, 20 minutes from the Centre of Tbilisi, a 22-room up-market boutique eco cum health resort in Passanauri, 50 minutes from Tbilisi and is planning the development of village tourism on a national scale, with the planned construction of some 50 units of 10-12 room resorts in various villages in Georgia at a cost of less than $400,000 each.

All projects are open to third party investments through Special Purpose Vehicles  (SPVs) incorporated to facilitate independent and effective operation. GVI offers up to 50% shareholding to one or more investors while it holds 50% under its own flag.

Typical investment scenario in Georgia is for projects with low investments and high yields, averaging 30-40 % Return on Investment, mostly secured by underlying real estate. There are number of specialised projects where GVI has already invested in a number of valuable land assets. Projects range from low cost to luxury villas, mini golf course and driving range, small eco-healh resorts of an average of 20 rooms, village tourism project where modest resorts of 8-10 rooms are constructed for all-season visitors seeking an idyllic hideaway in the bountry of Georgia's unique mountains and valleys.