GVI offers asset management services mainly for overseas investors, whether they are related to physical or financial assets. Such services are rendered on a carefully agreed contractual basis, with a very high degree of integrity and client care. The Asset Management services can  commence from the time an investor looks for acquisitions or plans an investment in joint venture partnerships with both Georgian and international investors. In a typical asset management scenario, there is full and transparent sharing of all information related to potential risks and rewards, of existing and pending regulations, threats and opportunities related to any specific asset.

GVI currently advises clients on high interest rate fixed deposits with selected banks in Georgia as well as acquisition of fully completed real estate, acquisiton-development-management of partially completed real estate.

GVI works with a leading player engaged in re-development of distressed assets and is able to bring to clients some of the best properties at attractive purchase prices. All asset management transactions are treated with the highest confidentiality.